Your donation here will be greatly appreciated, as it will go directly to our Halifax West Conservative Association to help us elect a Conservative MP in our riding!

You may donate using our 'secure automated payment system' below or 

by mailing a cheque, payable to ' Halifax West Conservative Association' :
Mr. Jim Melvin CPA, CA
c/o Levy Casey Carter MacLean
Chartered Professional Accountants
211 Horseshoe Lake Drive, 2nd Floor
Halifax, N.S. B3S 0B9

The automated payment processor accepts VISA, Master Card and AMEX 'One-Time' payments. ( 'Monthly' contribution option currently not available)

When you make a donation/contribution through this payment processor, you will automatically be emailed a 'Contribution receipt".

If you mail a donation by cheque, a confirmation receipt will be mailed to you.

 In addition, in either case, in February 2021, you will be mailed the official "Political Contribution Tax Receipt" for the 2020 tax year.


Your maximum Tax-Deductible Donation Schedule showing the maximum for 2020  is $ 1,275. (Table 1)

' Political Contribution tax credit ’ means that the credits can only be applied to ‘taxes paid or payable in 2020’, in order to receive a tax refund according to the following schedule:

Table 1

Donations in 2020   Percentage tax rebate
The first amounts up to        $   400     75 %
the next        $   350     50 %
the next        $   525     33 %
Total tax deductible        $ 1,275  

( notes:)

i) donations higher than $ 1,275 are not tax deductible.

ii) Your maximum total allowable 2020 monetary political contribution permitted per person is $ 3,200.00 

* To see your allowable 2020 maximum total political contributions, which includes non tax- deductible contributions, which totals $ 3,250.00, see Table 2